Website Support - by Worknet Solutions LtdSupport

Our work with our clients does not end with delivering a website design.  Our continuing support includes :-
  • Hosting - all our sites are hosted on our own dedicated server housed in a data centre in London's Docklands.  We take care of all hosting issues and all your content is backed up.  We can usually recover any data you might accidently delete while updating your site up to 10 days afterwards.
  • Domain names - we handle linking your domain name to the website.  the main domain name is included in the hosting price and further domains can be added at competitive rates.
  • Email - we can support mailboxes based on your domain name.  A built-in spam filter is included to remove much of the spam which can bombard your mailbox.
  • Help and advice - even if you choose to update the site yourself, you are not on your own.  We are available by telephone or email to help with any queries or problems that arise
  • Content Updating - if you prefer to leave us to update your site, we can agree a package to update on a regular basis.
  • System upgrades - we are always continuing to develop the system and any upgrades will be applied to your site at no extra charge
  • Added features - we are always happy to discuss adding new features for you.  there will be a development cost but this could well be discounted if other users are likely to benefit from the additions.

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