Integrating QwicsitePro with Picasa

QwicsitePro has now been integrated with Google’s Picasa to create the ideal way to handle pictures for your website. You can use Picasa to manage the pictures on your own PC and then, with a single click, upload selected pictures to a page on your website. 
Picasa is a free download from Google which can be used to manage collections of pictures and to rotate, crop or add special effects as required. Integrating with QwicsiePro simply adds an extra button to the Picasa toolbar so that pictures can be uploaded directly from Picasa to your website.  Picasa handles any resizing required and can upload multiple images at once.  Uploading couldn't be simpler!
Details about Picasa including the download link can be found here.  Once you have downloaded and installed Picasa you can add the QwicsitePro button by clicking here. This will start Picasa if it is not already running and then confirm that you wish to install the Qwicsite Upload Button in the toolbar.  Click OK and the button will appear.  It can be removed at any time.
To use Picasa to Upload your pictures - Simply select the pictures you want to upload by placing them in the selection tray. When you are ready to upload, click ‘Upload to Qwicsite’. A browser window will open where you can enter your login details for your site. This will then open a page showing the name of your site and thumbnails of the pictures and allowing you to select the page where you want the pictures uploaded. This will normally be a picture page but images can be uploaded to other pages as well. Once you have selected the page you can click ‘Publish’ and the pictures will be uploaded. Picasa will display a progress bar and then, when the uploading is completed, a new browser will open showing the page with the newly uploaded pictures.
 Any captions entered in Picasa will be loaded as titles for the pictures. You can change these and add longer captions as required.